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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Does Love Really Exist?

*wiping forehead*.... wheewww ... ok I already know how this one's going to go. So let me put my disclaimer in big bold letters ..... THIS IS MY OPINION.... NOT "GOSPEL"....

Ok, love? What's up with it? Does it really exist? Was it created just for the government to make more money? Hmm... let us ponder on this for a second.................. Done pondering? Ok.... here's a couple of theories you might want to check out.

Love as defined on give these three definitions....

1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
3. sexual passion or desire.

I don't know about you but where I'm from that last one is called being horny. Not love. And the other two. If this was in fact true then let me ask a question. The first person you ever "loved", where are they now? If love is so strong shouldn't your first love be the one that sticks? Or is it all a big brain wash?

The government creates a day called valentines day out the blue in 1847 to exploit peoples feelings and turn them into money. Look it up if you don't believe me. People wasn't waiting on a day to show their "love" before that. Or maybe there really wasn't any love and no one thought about it until valentines day was created. Love or Brain wash?

What to say of marriage? Has to be love right? OR is it just a compromise? In those two people's sub conscious are they saying I love this person that's why I'm doing this. Or are they really saying, I'm getting old, chasing booty calls is getting tiring, I like this person enough to put up with them and we can go half on allot of things so the bills wont be high.

Really question this love word, feeling, creation, what ever you want to call it.

Does this cupid fellow have everyone fooled? You tell me....

Much..... "LOVE"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Approach

Once again starting with my disclaimer lol .... This is just a thought of mine ... not "Gospel" ....

Yet another technique men have been trying to master for years and women have been sending mixed signals about ..... "The Approach". What works when approaching a young lady? Is timing important? Is location important? Appearance? Voice? Hygiene? Allow me to place my two cents .... well .... whole change bucket in this topic lol.

Some of the questions about approach has obvious answers like of course hygiene is important. You cant walk up to a female smelling like OMG! But what if I just got threw playing basketball or something and I just had to talk a certain young lady that walks by? Ladies, you can answer that one for me. Timing and location is also quite tricky. Is it ok to try and talk to a lady at church? What if that's the only time you see her? What about if she just got into an accident and you pulled over to help her? Would she think your a pig? Once again open questions for the ladies.

Now lets get right down to the good stuff. Things that I may have a personal sway to but I'll try and keep it as non bias as possible. What really works? Is the nice guy approach really hitting anymore? Is a simple hi my name is so and so good enough anymore? I don't think so. Ive notice by watching allot of situations..... 2 things seem to reign supreme. Comedy and flamboyance. If you can make a women smile your good. And for some reason if you can show that you want her but you really don't need her, your almost God!

How did pimps do it? Just a thought....

Appearance is a touchy subject matter. If your "decked down" in some really nice attire then of course automatically your turning heads. But is that always necessary? I can answer this one... still open to the ladies though of course. From personal experience and watching others... appearance sometimes is overrated. Basketball shorts and a t shirt(with holes) get looked over when your personality is on point. Confidence and unique swag is the formula. Simplicity seems to be getting tiring.

But to wrap this up. Ladies, what is working out there? How do you like for a guy to approach you? O and a bonus question. Why is it so wrong for you ladies to approach us guys?

Much love...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mind Of A Female

This is a subject that people have been fighting over and even killing over for years. What is inside the mind of a female? How does it work? What do they want? Is it complex or simple? Well.... maybe I can shed some light. But remember this is just my opinion....

The female mind is like ..... a revolving door. I say this in a since that ... it never stops. You cant lock it into one things. Its always thinking always moving. Weather its plotting a devious plan or trying to figure out how its going to help its kids. Beautiful actually.

However... females often are very confused and don't know what they want. Often times making them hypocrites. They will show what is thought to be a strong desire for one thing and then go obtain the complete opposite.

The female brain works just like the male brain. That's right ladies. We're not so different. Females have the same basic needs as a male. They want a companion for sexual needs and they want to have fun.

The complexity comes with the constant change. Remember my revolving door theory? Let me explain that in more detail. If you look closely at a revolving door you'll notice that two sections of the door can be trapped inside the door at one time.

This means means females can store and plan allot of things at once but... all it takes is one push to get their door(mind) spinning again. And they can never hold it because there is no lock to a revolving door.